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Kos Ancient Agora

Situated off of Eleftherias square, opposite the Archaeological Museum of Kos, and behind the Deffendar mosque, is a small archway over which grows an extravagant abundance of purple Bougainvilleas. Walking though this archway you enter a cobbled stone street of bars and restaurants. The Street is a popular Restaurant area. that leads down toward the harbour. The ancient ruins of the original harbour Quarter and the Agora (market) can be entered about 300 yards down on the right.

The construction of the Agora dates back to the late 4th century BC and consist of galleries to the North, West and East and an internal courtyard. The northern part of the Agora was linked to the walls of the city, To the East and West side there were stores for all manner of products sold in the market. The Agora had three main gates (eastern, western, northern), with the roads from the three gates converging in a large internal courtyard.

Kos Ancient Agora

Little of the original Ancient Greek city remains, with much destroyed by earthquakes. The materials of the original buildings were used for later construction, both by the Greeks and Romans. Some of the buildings uncovered by the achelogical digs have been rebuilt, and the 15th century church of St Ioannes Naukleros, originally dedicated to St John the Baptist was moved to the southern entrance and rebuilt.

To the north side of the historical site are the ruins of the Temple of Hercules and Shrine of Aphrodite as well as the remains of a 5th century Christian basilica. Access to the ruins is free of charge, although the area is not well maintained, there are a limited number of descriptive signs thoughout the area, but it is best to arrived with your own information to gain a better insight into the area.

Kos Ancient Agora

The Map shows the main aspects of the buildings found in the achelogical area.

  • 1 Sanctuary of Aphrodite
  • 2 Harbour Basilica
  • 3 Sanctuary of Hercules
  • 4 Baptistery
  • 5 Harbour Stoa
  • 6 Fortification
  • 7 Insulae
  • 8 Agora